I am an avid bushwalker being heavily involved in the bushwalking club community. I am:


I would like to recognise the Traditional Owners and Custodians past, present and emerging of the land on which I bushwalk.

I thank them for the privilege of being able to conduct my activities on this their land.

I also would like to recognise those Elders, past, present and emerging who are historically connected to this land also.

I also enjoy fundraising for Diabetes Qld, which from time to time will find me leading bushwalking-related fundraisers.

I am also motivated to improve the bushwalking estate in Queensland. Sure Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service provides about 3500km of walking tracks, but other land managers also provide walking tracks and there must be a way to link them as well.

I have recently returned to church and finding my place in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I attend Kingscliff, Logan Reserve, Redcliffe and Caboolture Churches, but finding my home to be Redcliffe church.

Through this I attended the Diabetic Health Clinic  and went through a 30-day juicing fast and now on clesn eating or 80% non-processed food. This has improved my health and my lifestyle.  As I try recipes I will place them on the Recipe Blog page, and please feel free to give them a go and leave your comments.

I have also added a Bible Blog as I find texts of interest and bearing on my life with an explanation as to how my life is impacted or paralleled.

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