Hot day cool night 09 April 2021

Woke early and had breakfast and then checked all was ready for the real estate agent and buyers agent to look at the house. Once it was all done, I then settled down to prepare for my Zoom meeting with Outdoors Queensland. The buyers agent arrived on time and after about ten minutes, even talking … Continue reading Hot day cool night 09 April 2021

New week 29 March 2021

Woke after a good night's sleep. Weighed myself and found I had lost 5 kg in 8 weeks. Now to speed up that weight loss, with the goal being another 15kg. My right foot was sore with the plantar fasciitis in that foot and a touch of sciatica in that leg, probably due to the … Continue reading New week 29 March 2021

Community Involvement 22 Feb 2021

Woke early a it was Monday, and prepared for the walk to school to deliver the youngest daughter. Upon time to go to school, I am informed that she is not well. So we notify the school. I then got stuck into preparing for the the Zoom meeting later that day for Bushwalking Queensland Inc., … Continue reading Community Involvement 22 Feb 2021