2022 … and 2021 is a memory

With the start of the New Year, I felt it was time to get back into blogging. It has been a rough trot since leaving my job in mid-2019, and with COVID striking, it was difficult to settle down to assess my path. So with the New Year comes new hopes and motivations. Study I … Continue reading 2022 … and 2021 is a memory

Catch Up Day 24 April 2021

Woke after a great sleep and had breakfast. Then I checked my bank account and it was the day to go shopping. I checked my emails, social media and to do list and wait for my eldest daughter to get ready . Once ready we set off for the shops. I turned on WikiLoc on … Continue reading Catch Up Day 24 April 2021

Nothing Day 11 Mar 2021

Had a terrible nights sleep. Woke and felt ill, coughing and sneezing. A bit of a headache, and fatigued. I ploughed through the day though, distracting myself as much as possible, from my woes. Hope this clears up. By the afternoon, I started to feel better, and thought I had better put in the application … Continue reading Nothing Day 11 Mar 2021

Getting there 24 Feb 2021

Day started as usual with a walk to school, but schedule changed by continuing the walk to the shops to buy needed supplies. Of course going with the shopping list in my head is fraught with danger. And did I know it when I returned home... Only forgot two items which were more crucial than … Continue reading Getting there 24 Feb 2021

Year update

Yes I know it has been a while, but I have all sorts of things going on taking my mind away from the daily update.  I will endeavour to catch up over the next few weeks as I explore the reasons for "dropping the ball" and a lot is to be revealed!

A good year – 2018 – day 251

Return to Eating Day 8 BP:  123/80 Pulse: 54 Weight: 91.2 Blood glucose: Pre-breakfast:  4.8 Post-breakfast: 6.5 Pre-lunch: 4.7 Post-lunch: 5.2 Pre-dinner: 4.7 Post-dinner: 5.4 Meals: Breakfast: Raw porridge Lunch: Broccoli soup Dinner: Nut and ricotta patties with mushroom sauce, cauliflower salad and blanched broccoli Woke after a good nights sleep, and then proceeded to … Continue reading A good year – 2018 – day 251

A good year – 2018 – day 247

Return to Eating Day 3 BP:  121/67 Pulse: 59 Weight: 92.1 Blood glucose: Pre-breakfast: 3.8 Post-breakfast: 4.2 Pre-lunch: 3.8 Post-lunch: 4.1 Pre-dinner: 3.8 Post-dinner: 4.9 Woke early after a bit of tossing and turning. Must be repercussions of the beetroot in the juice I had for dinner last night. Anyway it was time to get … Continue reading A good year – 2018 – day 247

A good year – 2018 – day 240

Juicing Day 26 BP:  131/78 Pulse: 62 Weight: 94.1 Blood Glucose: Pre-breakfast:  4 Post-Breakfast: 4.4 Pre-Lunch: 3.3 Post-Lunch: 5.4 Pre-Dinner: 4.1 Post-Dinner: 4.9 Decided to get up early and walk the 30 minutes to the station. By the time I left home, I was running late and ended up on my normal train, meeting my … Continue reading A good year – 2018 – day 240