What its the weekend? 27 March 2021

Being unemployed and every day feels the same. With the community work I do there is no such thing as a weekend. Checked the emails, social media and did some work one a project. As part of the project, I have identified the national parks and other protected areas in the area of the scope. … Continue reading What its the weekend? 27 March 2021

When the opportunity presents 17 Mar 2021

Happy St Patricks Day... to be sure, to be sure! Woke really early after a late night. Felt drained. Raining outside, another dreary day ahead. Had breakfast and then continued on social media and emails. Have the Outdoors Queensland AGM tonight, with Zoom link in the email. Agenda for today: Set up account with Australia … Continue reading When the opportunity presents 17 Mar 2021

Community Involvement 22 Feb 2021

Woke early a it was Monday, and prepared for the walk to school to deliver the youngest daughter. Upon time to go to school, I am informed that she is not well. So we notify the school. I then got stuck into preparing for the the Zoom meeting later that day for Bushwalking Queensland Inc., … Continue reading Community Involvement 22 Feb 2021