Day for completion 19 Feb 2021

Woke early again and washed the dishes, vacuumed and disinfected the lounge room. I then had breakfast of muesli and green tea. Then it was time to walk my daughter to school, then came home. Worked on the backyard and finished that job. Looks impressive. Now to get the grass to grow back sufficiently before … Continue reading Day for completion 19 Feb 2021

Recovery day 15 February 2021

After yesterdays walk, I am a bit sore from not having walked so much for quite a while. But then again, Mondays after any walk I am always a bit sore. So the day started after a great night's sleep to get breakfast and check emails, and add updates on various platforms about the walk … Continue reading Recovery day 15 February 2021

Too late to blog – 10 February 2021

Ok, its 11 February, but is it too late to put up a daily blog? I was so busy and tired by the end of the day sleep was my priority. So what happened? Started the day off going through my tool boxes and upon emptying them, I decided to wash them out as well. … Continue reading Too late to blog – 10 February 2021