2022 … and 2021 is a memory

With the start of the New Year, I felt it was time to get back into blogging. It has been a rough trot since leaving my job in mid-2019, and with COVID striking, it was difficult to settle down to assess my path. So with the New Year comes new hopes and motivations. Study I … Continue reading 2022 … and 2021 is a memory

Walk day 28 March 2021

Woke and readied myself for the walk this morning at Sheepstation Creek Conservation Park. This is the first real walk since last weeks deluge so it is unknown of how wet the park will be, especially the creek crossings and water lying around. Picked up at 8.20am and drove to Phelps Road, Upper Caboolture. Met … Continue reading Walk day 28 March 2021

Clean Up 24 Mar 2021

So the day started with not a cloud in the sky. Time to go around and check what needed to be cleaned from rain getting in with the wind, and from run-off. Moved everything on my back patio to make room for me to use the hose to wash the concrete. The dirt from the … Continue reading Clean Up 24 Mar 2021

Bushwalk day 14 Mar 2021

Woke to my alarm, and then had breakfast, packed my gear and waited to be picked up. Today was going to be a walk at Ewen Maddock Dam. My lift arrived and we headed off to Mooloolah Connection Road. Arriving at the trailhead at 8.00am, welcomed the other people in the group, signed in the … Continue reading Bushwalk day 14 Mar 2021

First club walk for 2021 on the 14 Feb 2021

34th day on licence suspension - 86 days to go Woke early and readied myself for a great day out bushwalking, and it was cloudy but no sign of rain. Had breakfast, shower and put on my bushwalking clothes, packed my backpack and it started to drizzle. Then had to find rain protection. Not going … Continue reading First club walk for 2021 on the 14 Feb 2021

A good year – 2018 – day 250

Return to Eating Day 7 BP:  121/73 Pulse: 68 Weight: 91.5 Blood glucose: Pre-breakfast: 4.1 Post-breakfast: 4.6 Pre-lunch: 4.2 Post-lunch: 5.6 Pre-dinner: 5.4 Post-dinner: 6.1 Meals: Breakfast: Mango smoothie and chia water Lunch: Quinoa Salad and Greek dressing Dinner: Raw coconut and Bok Choy Soup Up early this morning to get ready for a bushwalk. … Continue reading A good year – 2018 – day 250

A good year – 2018 – day 238

Juicing Day 24 BP:  148/80 Pulse: 64 Weight: 94.5 Blood Glucose: Pre-breakfast:  3.3 Post-Breakfast: 4.1 Pre-Lunch: 3.9 Post-Lunch: 3.6 Pre-Dinner: 4.2 Post-Dinner: 4.3 Woke to a rainy day. So had breakfast, shower, then asked up my belongings and made our way home. Once home, had lunch, and then went shopping for the supplies to take … Continue reading A good year – 2018 – day 238

A good year – 2018 – day 237

Juicing Day 23 BP:  133/78 Pulse: 68 Weight: 93.7 Blood Glucose: Pre-breakfast:  4.1 Post-Breakfast: 3.9 Pre-Lunch: 3.6 Post-Lunch: 4.6 Pre-Dinner: 4.4 Post-Dinner: 4.1 Woke freezing in my camp bed at Jimna Base Camp. Managed to get 4.5 hours sleep. Once ready for the day, got the gear together and drove off down Kilcoy-Murgon Road towards … Continue reading A good year – 2018 – day 237

A good year – 2018 – day 231

Juicing Day 17 BP:  130/73 Pulse: 65 Weight: 95.6 Blood Glucose: Pre-breakfast: 4.3 Post-Breakfast: 4.5 Pre-Lunch: 4.1 Post-Lunch: 3.8 Pre-Dinner: 4.1 Post-Dinner: 4.2 Woken by the alarm, turned it off and went back to sleep for an hour. Then rose and readied myself for a bushwalk.  Driving away from home at 6:15 am I hoped … Continue reading A good year – 2018 – day 231

A good year – 2018 – day 203

Woke with the back in much the same condition. The Nurofen is helping. Continued on the day from the previous day with the work on the Pilgrimage, Bushwalking Club stuff and the like. Surveyed the lawn and garden n decided not much work needed due to being winter and I can look after my back. … Continue reading A good year – 2018 – day 203