Big recovery

Woke a bit late than I wanted to, so only had time to iron one shirt and pair of trousers. By the time I had taken my BGL (4.3) and had my oats and soy for breakfast and a long black, with which I took my two Lovan capsules, and then had a shower and … Continue reading Big recovery

Nearly PTSD train wreck

Breakfast BGL: 6.5 Meal: Oats and soy with fruit Carbs: 23g Morning tea Meal: Fruit and Nuts Carbs: 28g Lunch Meal: Tuna and vita-weat Carbs: 60g Dinner Meal: Dim sims Carbs: 90g Day Summary Woke at 4.00am. Got up and prepared myself for the new week, with a touch of dizziness. I had breakfast and … Continue reading Nearly PTSD train wreck