Languishing Day 10 Mar 2021

Day started well. I got up, had breakfast, played some games on my phone, watched the news and tended to emails and social media. I then started to feel really fatigued, with a strong headache, sniffles and sneezing. So I went back to bed. I slept for another two hours and felt OK. I checked … Continue reading Languishing Day 10 Mar 2021

Big walk day 09 Mar 2021

Woke to a hot and humid day. I did my usual routine, until lunchtime I decided to go for a walk. The walk went almost around the periphery of my suburb, a distance of 9.9 km. The walk was progressing well, until a storm cell appeared. I decided it was time to head home. Once … Continue reading Big walk day 09 Mar 2021

Technology playing up 08 Mar 2021

Got up early and had breakfast. Fed the guinea pigs, washed dishes and clothes. At the time to take my daughter to school, she decided to go on her own. So I stayed home and took care of reports etc. from the previous day. The next thing I knew it was lunch time and having … Continue reading Technology playing up 08 Mar 2021

A good day 05 Mar 2021

Started the day with a bit of a cold, sore eyes with conjunctivitis, congestion in my lungs, and a headache. I had breakfast, then walked my daughter to school, 1.2 km done for the day. Came home feeling under the weather, so just sat on my back patio on my computer paying attention to documents … Continue reading A good day 05 Mar 2021

Bring Back Memories 04 Mar 2021

Woke and had breakfast. I decided to take a shower before taking my daughter to school and then continue on to go shopping. Well that was the plan. Seems I took longer than expected and my daughter left on her own. But it was showery again, so a trip to the shops was needed as … Continue reading Bring Back Memories 04 Mar 2021

Day of showers 03 March 2021

Started the day with breakfast and a walk to school. Kept going after dropping my daughter off at school and covered 7.8 km around my neighbourhood. I wake every morning with a tender heel, and once walking it is fine. It is not a spur as I have had it before and could not walk … Continue reading Day of showers 03 March 2021

Off I go 02 March 2021

Woke up and proceeded to start the day with breakfast, a shower, and take my daughter to school. My daughter wasn't up to school, so I left with shopping bags and the intent to do some distance for the Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes. I walked to the shops via the bike track, adding … Continue reading Off I go 02 March 2021

The bigger picture 26 Feb 2021

Woke and had breakfast and then took my daughter to school. Came home and went through the notes in preparation for my third meeting of the week. This time it was with the outdoor sector of Queensland. At the meeting, many topics were discussed and some items tied in with my work and the previous … Continue reading The bigger picture 26 Feb 2021