Off I go 02 March 2021

Woke up and proceeded to start the day with breakfast, a shower, and take my daughter to school. My daughter wasn't up to school, so I left with shopping bags and the intent to do some distance for the Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes. I walked to the shops via the bike track, adding … Continue reading Off I go 02 March 2021

Recovery day 01 Mar 2021

Well, here we are on the first day of March, the first day of autumn, and a cloudy humid day. I woke up sore as I had not walked 13km for quite a while so needed today to recover. It is also the first day of the Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes Queensland and … Continue reading Recovery day 01 Mar 2021

The bigger picture 26 Feb 2021

Woke and had breakfast and then took my daughter to school. Came home and went through the notes in preparation for my third meeting of the week. This time it was with the outdoor sector of Queensland. At the meeting, many topics were discussed and some items tied in with my work and the previous … Continue reading The bigger picture 26 Feb 2021

Getting there 24 Feb 2021

Day started as usual with a walk to school, but schedule changed by continuing the walk to the shops to buy needed supplies. Of course going with the shopping list in my head is fraught with danger. And did I know it when I returned home... Only forgot two items which were more crucial than … Continue reading Getting there 24 Feb 2021

Stinker of a day 23 Feb 2021

Woke early again. Seems the norm. Washed the dishes and some clothes, got my youngest daughter off to school, and then came home. The day was warming up. I wanted to go shopping, but it was too hot and humid to get out and walk. So I stayed home. I attended to spraying weeds around … Continue reading Stinker of a day 23 Feb 2021

Another fine weekend over 21 Feb 2021

Woke early and had a drink of water. No, still sleepy!!! Go back to bed. Woke at lunchtime. Message from a friend to go into the City to collect mail from the PO Box for Bushwalking Queensland Inc., which I am Secretary. So replied "whenever", and a short time later received, "be there in 10." … Continue reading Another fine weekend over 21 Feb 2021

Exploration day 20 Feb 2021

Woke this morning really refreshed. Had breakfast, packed my backpack and then went to walk to the station. As I was getting to the bottom of the hill, the bus came so I caught it to the station. Not long after arriving at the station, the train to Springfield arrived and I was on a … Continue reading Exploration day 20 Feb 2021

Stress – that pervasive monster

Prior to 18 months ago my mindset was all over the place. I: couldn't focus on tasks, allowed myself to be distractedavoided taking on tasks (even though I volunteered for more positions)had trouble sleeping through the nightwas diagnosed with sleep apnoeahad no regard for my familyhad a constant battle to face each day. To resolve … Continue reading Stress – that pervasive monster