Stinker of a day 23 Feb 2021

Woke early again. Seems the norm. Washed the dishes and some clothes, got my youngest daughter off to school, and then came home. The day was warming up. I wanted to go shopping, but it was too hot and humid to get out and walk. So I stayed home. I attended to spraying weeds around … Continue reading Stinker of a day 23 Feb 2021

Another fine weekend over 21 Feb 2021

Woke early and had a drink of water. No, still sleepy!!! Go back to bed. Woke at lunchtime. Message from a friend to go into the City to collect mail from the PO Box for Bushwalking Queensland Inc., which I am Secretary. So replied "whenever", and a short time later received, "be there in 10." … Continue reading Another fine weekend over 21 Feb 2021

Day for completion 19 Feb 2021

Woke early again and washed the dishes, vacuumed and disinfected the lounge room. I then had breakfast of muesli and green tea. Then it was time to walk my daughter to school, then came home. Worked on the backyard and finished that job. Looks impressive. Now to get the grass to grow back sufficiently before … Continue reading Day for completion 19 Feb 2021

Community Involvement 13 Feb 2021

After an early night getting to bed, I awoke early, and checked social media, played games, and then tiredness struck me, so I went back to bed. When I awoke, I had breakfast, edited survey questions and then prepared myself for Bushcare at the Deception Bay Conservation Park. The day was hot so the first … Continue reading Community Involvement 13 Feb 2021

Win some and lose some – 11 Feb 2021

The day started to great, having slept in, but feeling a little unwell. Anyway, did some more tool sorting. I didn't know I had so much!! Getting to work out where the tools should now go, especially after another tool box was washed out. It was my father-in-laws and he had lined it with carpet … Continue reading Win some and lose some – 11 Feb 2021

Stress – that pervasive monster

Prior to 18 months ago my mindset was all over the place. I: couldn't focus on tasks, allowed myself to be distractedavoided taking on tasks (even though I volunteered for more positions)had trouble sleeping through the nightwas diagnosed with sleep apnoeahad no regard for my familyhad a constant battle to face each day. To resolve … Continue reading Stress – that pervasive monster