Caught up in things

Over the last couple of days I have been concentrating on a couple of things, which took my time and I omitted to blog each days happenings.

Since the last post I have been dealing with:

  1. Assignment Submission
  2. Assignment Feedback
  3. Getting back into routine after Christmas/New Year
  4. Living without my medication
  5. Sorting out my other ventures

The assignment was about a case study which included analysis of stereotyping, prejudice and essentialism. I believe I did well as my case study was a personal experience and a chance to analyse what was happening from a cultural perspective. My analysis of this incident has made me realise how much better it could have been handled.

The assignment which I submitted a couple of week ago had the feedback returned. I scored 8.5/15, and the feedback was so positive, it made me more confident about submission of the next assignment, which is due on two weeks.

After a few days over the Christmas/New Year period of feeling lethargic and the like, and still suffering from bouts of this I have been off doing things. But I will push through. One thing is I have run out of my medication and I can’t find my prescription to get more. I have searched high and low, and would rather find the prescription than go back to the doctor with a new script being made.

My other ventures are coming along.

Boonah Ipswich Trail

A problem has been found with a landowner building across the public easement. This has been handed to the local council for action if possible. I managed to produce a map from AllTrails which contained the main trail plus the other linking trails and possible deviations. Also the Inland Rail was added as it will truncate the trail. Also consideration needs to be made about the proposed development at Flinders Lakes, and the Salisbury to Beaudesert rail line.

Great Escarpment Trail

I have sent an email to UNESCO about the trail as it links the Word Heritage Rainforests of Australia. I am rearranging the sections into day walk lengths so visitors can walk a section at a time. This breaks down to 100 sections.

Friends of Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

I am now Secretary and is time to bring the organisation out of the doldrums. My plans for the organisation are to review the rules, introduce bylaws and policies. Also a risk management framework needs to be formulated.

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