Assignment jitters

Woke late after a late night caught up watching X-Files with the four episodes being a continuation of the previous one and very riveting.

Got to get stuck into this assignment. The case study I have chosen is my experience as a police officer and a program that was introduced. The program cause friction with the public as it was seen to target a demographic. The case study is to analyse the program in terms of these concepts:

  • Essentialism
  • Non-essentialism
  • Stereotyping
  • Prejudice

and provide definitions from the literature and reflect on my actions in relation to these concepts.

I think I am in avoidance mode is my reluctance to finish it early as I then fret about whether I have dine a good job or should do a complete re-write. While I agonise over this the clock ticks. At least its not due to 2.00am on Tuesday morning, but I know I will get caught out.

I did further work on the Great Escarpment Trail and due the trail linking World Heritage areas, I found an email address at UNESCO to advise of the planned trail and to get feedback. If UNESCO support this project, then the pressure will be on all levels of government to take action.

The grass finally dried enough to mow it, and due to its length had to mow it twice. I run stripes in one direction for the first run and then perpendicular stripes for the second run taking the grass down to a good level. The poor mower though gives me the impression that the blades need replacing/sharpening. Will look into that.

So now the end of the day is near, and I have had my Doctor Who fix, so off to bed I go.

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