Head down and into it

I am so happy at the moment…

A lot of work I have been doing over the last few months is finally coming to fruition.

Sydney to Brisbane Trail

I have been working on a trail that links the gap between trails that will ultimately link Sydney and Brisbane. The trails in existence are as follows:

Sydney to Newcastle

In existence is the Great North Walk which provides passage from Sydney to Newcastle. Click here for the link to the walk.

Starting at the CBD in Sydney the walk winds it way through national parks, historic streets and the like, and includes ferries to end up at Newcastle Rail Station.

Newcastle to Hawks Nest

This utilises a walk along Stockton Beach, and shared pathways, and ferry from Nelson Bay to get to Hawks Nest.

Hawks Nest to Barrington Tops

The Tops to Myall Heritage Trail takes users from Hawks Nest to Lagoon Pinch in Barrington Tops National Park.

Boonah to Ipswich Trail

This trail is currently being worked on by the Boonah Ipswich Trail Progress Group, which I am a member. The open sections are Boonah to Wyaralong Dam, and Hardings Paddock to Mt Elliott Road. The intervening section from Wyaralaong Dam to Mount Elliott Road is being worked on as it traverses private property and needs to identify the stock routes through this area. I am out regularly in the area surveying the possible routes. The link to the trail is here.

Barrington to Boonah Trail

The intervening section from Barrington Tops to Boonah is the missing link and after a couple of months I have identified the possible route. The route follows trails, fire trails, walking tracks, and the like, as it wends it way along the eastern escarpment of the Great Dividing Range through New South Wales and enters Queensland at White Swamp Border Gate and then follows back roads to Boonah.

I have been attending webinars with the American Trails Organisation to gain insights into planning trails and consider all facets trail planning and identify all stakeholders.

So it has been a long but rewarding drag and the phase to contact stakeholders is now upon the planning team, and taken quite a bit of my time.

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