Catch Up Day 24 April 2021

Woke after a great sleep and had breakfast. Then I checked my bank account and it was the day to go shopping. I checked my emails, social media and to do list and wait for my eldest daughter to get ready . Once ready we set off for the shops. I turned on WikiLoc on my phone to record the walk, dropped the phone in my pocket, put on my backpack, and off we went to the shops.

We walk out our court around to the left and then turn right and then left. Walking along then brings us to the path alongside the High School. Then it is a dog leg to the next street which becomes a footpath. The footpath leads to the traffic lights which allows us to cross the main road and into the shops. After walking through the centre, finally arrived at Woolworths, grabbed a trolley and in we went.

Working our way around the aisles, I was always mindful of how much to get considering it had to be walked home. After a while in the shop and a near full trolley, out we went to the self-service checkout. I put my backpack down and pulled the shopping out from it and put them on the bag rack. Then the register was ready for scanning the items.

Starting with the bottles and jars, then the cardboard packets followed by the bagged items, and finally the fruit and vegetables, all items were scanned. I then opened my phone to open StoCard to scan my rewards card, but my daughter beat me to it claiming the reward…the cheeky sod. I paid for the shopping and then put all the bags in the trolley and left.

Outside the shop, I then redistributed the shopping with the heavy items in my backpack and the lighter items, fruit, vegetables, bread in the shopping bags. As I was completing this my wife arrived as she was on a walk herself. We said our hellos and good-byes and set off back home, basically following the same route.

Usually I stop a couple of times to reset my grip on the bags, but this time held out till I arrived home. When we made it home, my fingers were tingling and purple. We went inside and put the bags down and it took a while to be able to straighten out my fingers.

Anyway, the shopping was packed away and then I returned to my computer to continue on more project work.

I had some lunch and then noticed that there was now shade on the garden to go out and do weeding. So out I went and did more weeding.

I checked the emails and dealt with common issues in regard to bushwalking and turned my mind to the agenda of the upcoming meeting.

Then it was time for dinner, which we let Red Rooster cook for us, then watched some TV and then went to bed.

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