Perfect walking day 23 April 2021

I woke early, with plenty of time to have breakfast, shower, and dress in my best bushwalking gear. Then I packed the bag and grabbed the camera.

I was picked up at 8.00am and was driven to the Mount Beerwah Car Park. Once all the gear was put on set off for a walk around the base of Mount Beerwah. The weather was cool and sunny, perfect conditions to walk for a few hours.

The first part of the walk was following the walking track to the day use area and the toilets. From there is was follow the forestry road to the west, meandering through the forest to the national park fence, and where there should be a gate and signs. One sign had been ripped out and turned around.

From the point the left hand track was taken which was a popular 4WD track, with deep ruts, waterholes and steep climbs. Soo we came along to a track leading towards the mountain. Following this track as it meandered through the trees and ascended small ridges, the western face of Mount Beerwah was met. There was a fair bit of soak water flowing from the mountain, but a nice place to be with the rock and the forest.

After looking around, we returned to the 4WD track and continued on. Eventually, we broke out of the forest to the crest of the D’Aguilar Range and the pine plantation. This section of pine forest was roped off indicating harvesting was either underway or not far off commencing.

Turning right and then first left followed the road through the pine forest until a steep hill was encountered. Followed the track up this hill and came to a lovely forested crest of natives. There were no views but such an island of natural vegetation in amongst the pine was lovely. We then returned the same way we came out and headed for the car. Even though you may walk the same track back as you came out, the feel is that it is a different track and you see things from different perspectives.

On the way home called into a coffee shop for a cold pressed juice and apple pie and then went home.

Once home, I had a rest and checked social media and emails. Having dealt with them, I then went out to the garden to do some more work on the weeds. I had some lunch and continued with gardening and computer work.

Soon the day was finished and it was time to make dinner and then some house work. I settled down to a glass of wine and then went to bed.

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