The pressure is off 22 April 2021

Woke to a cloudy, cool day with a westerly wind blowing.

I had breakfast and watched some news, then I reviewed the status of the project and where to go next. The review looked at missed opportunities now that the backbone route has been established.

Checking social media I realised how far behind I had been, but this is a minor problem. There is no comeback that I missed posts, so no need to panic. Checking emails and received phone calls about child protection policies, so there is need for work in this space.

Outside there was some rain, so decided to stay indoors, to stay warm and dry. I then turned my mind to the upcoming Bushwalking Queensland Inc. committee meeting. I checked Doodle and only half the respondents had firmed dates. I need to wait for more before deciding a date.

Soon it was lunch and the sky brightened.

After lunch I went outside and set myself up in the garden to start weeding. My sciatica has been cured so I can freely move to get the job done.

Sitting on my mat in the garden

I spent a couple hours in the garden, and also put my thoughts together on other things needed to be done.

I started to feel uncomfortable from the weeds affecting my skin, so decided to go and have a shower and then continue on with other things.

Once the shower was over, I put the club’s walk calendar together, the next walk description is done. Just need to complete a couple more walks and then the newsletter is mostly done.

I then tackled the child protection policy for clubs and after a lot of research, I drafted a template for clubs and then distributed it to clubs. I hope they are happy with the work. As it is only a template, I am hoping that I get good feedback to make revisions.

I then was asked if I wanted to go on a bushwalk the next day. I thought why not, and so replied I was eager.

I weighed myself and found I had lost 6 kg since January. I have been more active in this time so as well as lose fat, I am building muscle.

Soon, it was time for bed so off I went for a good night’s sleep (fingers crossed!).

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