That was a week that was

15 April 2021 to 22 April 2012

I commenced a project to plan a trail of some distance passing through World Heritage sites to be enjoyed by the bushwalking fraternity. Due to copyright constraints I had to rely on two mapping platforms AllTrails and MapMyWalk. Predominantly I could trace the route on MapMyWalk as it used Google Maps and satellite view to follow tracks quite well. However at certain points there was a bit of conjecture as to which way to go, so I relied on AllTrails to determine the track.

Once I was happy with the track, I then created two tracks. One was an incremental track with a spreadsheet recording intersections along the way and distances, while the other was a full route between two major locations. The full routes were either links between national parks, or traverses in each national park.

The traverses were facilitated by park management maps aiding in finding facilities and the like not mapped on the mapping platforms.

So after 1171 km I finally reached a point which adjoins another trail I am involved with developing. As it turns out, with this project trail and the other trail I am involved with, plus three other established trails, I have been able to now link Sydney with Brisbane with a walking track with fantastic scenery, interesting geology, amazing history, and wonderful prehistory of the continent when part of the supercontinent of Gondwana.

I am so stoked.

When I needed breaks from this project, I had an AGM to chair, a walk or two, a few shopping trips, and strategising about the money I am earning now and how to survive.

Having little income now, I am still working through bills and determining which things to let go and what to continue on with. Not only that I have a couple of large bills to negotiate my way through.

I am not going to dwell on my finances as there is a lot of work around the home to be done. Housework, gardening, laundry, mowing, looking after 5 guinea pigs, and cooking. What’s my wife doing? Well if she is not in bed, she is in the lounge room watching TV or her phone. Thats it! I am left to do everything else. My wife has menopause, anxiety and depression and I just have to leave her alone.

So now it is late at night. I have had my mocha and a snack so I am going to turn in.

Good night all…

See you next time on my blog.

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