Let the games begin 10 April 2021

Woke with an early start. There is a group coming through later to inspect the house as potential buyers.

Went through with a quick sweep, vacuum, and mop and all was ready. Set myself up in the back patio and then had breakfast.

While working on my project the buyers arrived, so I continued to work and after an hour they left.

I then surveyed the garden to see where the work should commence as the rain events over the past weeks has sprouted quite a lot.

I left after lunch and headed off to Bushcare. At Bushcare two new people arrived so I showed them the type of weeds we remove. We then got stuck into removing the bitter gourd, and some Singapore daisy, while also showing them the native plants like the leather fern, casuarina, casuarina mistletoe which is now out on flower, and macaranga.

They gave me a lift home.

I went and did some mowing, gardening, and more work on the project.

I made dinner and then settled down for a night in front of the TV, catching up on social media and emails.

After a busy day, I fell asleep early, so climbed into bed, and had a great night happy wth the day’s achievements.

I love doing bush care.

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