The sun is out today 08 April 2021

After all the rain, it is nice to wake to a clear sunrise.

Now to survey the place for water damage.

The backyard is still soggy.

Anyway, time to use the sun to dry clothes, sheets and towels. So it all went into the washing machine and once finished I hung it out on the line.

I then had breakfast, put more washing in the machine, and checked emails, social media, played games on my phone, and more work on the trail project.

Then a phone call was received. It was the realestate agent that they had an interested buyers agent that wanted to look at the house, and would be about 10.45 am the next day.

So the rest of the day was spent cleaning up to make the place presentable and washing off the mud off the back patio that had accumulated from the rain.

The it was dinner time, and after that some TV watching and then bed.

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