Hot day cool night 09 April 2021

Woke early and had breakfast and then checked all was ready for the real estate agent and buyers agent to look at the house.

Once it was all done, I then settled down to prepare for my Zoom meeting with Outdoors Queensland. The buyers agent arrived on time and after about ten minutes, even talking to me and my family, they left. Right on cue, the Zoom meeting started.

Quite a lot of topics concerning the Outdoor Recreation Industry were covered, mainly centred about the impacts with COVID-19 restrictions, especially with recent changes.

It was a good meeting as always and very productive.

Other people in the club and not-for-profit section of the outdoor recreation sector cant see the point in being involved with the commercial section, but I am a firm believer that you need to gather as much information from around the place as possible so your niche can operate successfully. If you don’t address impacts as they arise, complaining about them after the impact is felt serves no purpose.

I might be a small player, but my influence just needs to influence another person, and I have achieved something.

After the meeting, I sat back and reflected on the meeting and reported to the President of the outcomes and other matters. There are workshops and the like coming up which I might participate in to get insight as to how some operators work and recommendations to improve their game. I might also pick up ideas.

I then had lunch and the ground was finally starting to dry out, but still too wet to mow.

I continued checking emails and social media, administrative work and project work.

That continued through the evening till I went to bed.

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