Yet another rainy day 06 April 2021

The day started miserably. As the day progressed the bands of heavy rain became further apart, leading to an almost sunny afternoon.

So all day it was sit inside and do my administrative work, add more to the trail projects I am involved with, and answer emails and social media.

While contemplating things, the weather came to mind and I remember when the weather like this was always in February, wit the dregs in March, then by Easter the nights were getting cold and the days fine. Some days in May would be extremely hot, followed by thunderstorms, but the weather was calming down to winter.

These days the wet period is now March into April and Easter still feels like summer. Climate change? I think so.

The progress on my trails project is going well. I have to move between different mapping platforms and national parks management plans to get an idea of the potential route and once discovered, draw the route onto a copied map from a screenshot, using PowerPoint.

I went shopping when it stopped raining and once again, got soaked coming back. Oh well the trials of not being able to drive. I am not returning to taxi work as I am finding volunteer work anyway so am feeling a lot more calmer. I just need to visit my job provider and let them know of my change in circumstances.

It was my youngest daughter’s 17th birthday, the real highlight for the day, so a dinner and nice cake was the order of the day.

So after what felt like a busy day, I went to bed early and got a reasonable good night’s sleep.

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