Another bleak day 07 April 2021

The weather forecast was up to shit!

It was supposed to be a fine day, but no! The weather system was fashionably late, so the rain kept continuing. There was a large downpour overnight and my back patio was flooded.

Woke early after a good night’s sleep and continued on from yesterday. While pursuing the trail project, I realised I should spreadsheet the route with every track intersection, feature, camping area, and picnic area and the like marked with distances between and also the elevation gain for that section. This provided a good route plan to take to the field at some stage to put boots on the ground and make sure there is a way through, and if not, note the break and negotiate access.

On a walk near home

The day was also taken up with checking emails, arranging meetings, and addressing issues on social media.

Once I was tired, I went to bed and slept.

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