Easter Monday 05 April 2021

7 days and the suspension on my drivers licence is revoked. I will be able to drive again.

I now know what its like to be poor. I have bills to pay and have to defer what I can to pay bills I can afford. I hope to get a decent paying job soon.

I woke late due to going to sleep late. It was finally 2.00 am that I fell asleep, and woke again, at 4.00 am. I went to the toilet and back to bed and then slept till 9.00 am.

I then had breakfast, played with the guinea pigs, and checked emails and social media.

It was raining outside, so no plans to do shopping, gardening, etc. Did some laundry though.

I worked on the projects, quite pleased with my progress.

Had lunch and then received a call to go into town and check the Bushwalking Queensland Post Office Box, with a friend (I can’t drive remember). The trip was quite good with less than normal traffic about. Stopping in Ann Street at the loading zone, I got out of the car and walked around the building to the door for the post office boxes of the George Street Post Office. Opened the door and went to the post office box 12884. I opened the box, and lo and behold, it was empty. So back home we went.

Once home continued with my project.

I then made dinner and then relaxed trying to work out what time I will go to bed. I started yawning and that was the decision made.

I went to bed.

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