Easter Saturday 03 April 2021

The weather is gradually turning. After a crap night sleeping, woke late and it was raining. Had breakfast and then attended to my social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – and my emails.

Once all checked and attended to, I went for a shower and then got dressed to walk to the shops and get supplies for the next couple of days. It started to rain as I was getting ready, but I spotted the break coming. When I was ready to go, the rain stopped. I set off and after 20 minutes arrived at the shopping centre unscathed with just a bit of moisture on me, and put on my mas. I grabbed a shopping trolley and entered.

After going around getting the needed items plus other things for being holed up for a couple of days, I made my way to the self service checkout. I took my backpack off my back and placed it on the floor, pulled all the adjusting straps to fully open and then opened the backpack and extracted the shopping bags. I placed the shopping bags on the rack, selected “I am using my own bags”, and then started scanning.

I managed to fill both shopping bags to overflowing without the weight mechanism carrying on about the scanned item had not been bagged. paid for the shopping, put it all in the trolley and left the shop. I then wheeled the trolley to an open area, and loaded up my backpack with the heavy items, leaving the light items in the shopping bags. I returned the trolley to the trolley bay and then returned home.

As I was getting near home the heavens opened and I received a soaking.

Once home, I unloaded the shopping and filled the cupboards and fridge.

I had lunch and then returned to my computer to continue with my projects.

Later in the day, it was time to make dinner and after dinner watched the last three episodes of “The Good Omens”. Interesting ending and slant on the “end of days”.

I then went to bed and conversed with some people on Instagram before falling asleep.

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