Good Friday 02 April 2021

Woke to a glorious day. Had a lovely breakfast and attended to washing dishes and laundry.

Lockdown is over, but nowhere to go as its a public holiday.

Then I went and checked social media and emails, and the recording of the meeting on Wednesday night. All good. I decided to save the meeting recording on Zoom in the Bushwalking Queensland account. I will discuss with the committee about accessing the files.

As there were no shops open and my foot was sore, so I decided to stay home.

I continued on my trail project and found a way through plus interesting point of interest along the way. This is getting interesting. Once this leg is done, I need to track the trail to get the distance, so that the feasibility stays on track.

Looking at the weather forecast, I noticed that the local dams have gone to flood action, and the weather bureau has put out a flood watch for our area. Looks like Easter is going to end very wet, just like last week, and the ground has not dried out properly, either.

Went out and tended to the garden, and moved the compost bin and turned it all over.

More work on documents and the like and then I started to get a migraine. I went to bed and slept for two hours, waking, gagging and gasping for breath, in time to make dinner. After dinner, continued on my computer work and then watched the first three episodes of the “Good Omens“. Once that was over, I was yawning big time, so off to bed I went.

I slept for a couple of hours, before again waking with gasping and gagging. I went to the lounge room and sat and watched TV. After about two hours my stomach settled and I went back to bed.

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