April Fools Day 01 April 2021

So the day started off being ready to fend off the potential jokes. I have a bit of a cold or sinusitis, so decided not to go camping over Easter.

Some lame ones around, but I really liked the statement on Facebook, that everyone was checking every post for truth!!

Still in lockdown and eager to watch the news to see if the lockdown has ended. Finally the lockdown ends at 12.00 noon, giving the residents going away for Easter the chance to get going.

As 12.00 noon approached and after a full morning cleaning and tidying up, the real estate agent arrived and photos were taken of the house. Once they departed it was time to catch up on things.

I looked at my task list:

  1. Set up account with Australia Post for Bushwalking Queensland to get emails when mail arrived at the PO Box.
  2. Continue writing project business case
  3. Check Ranger application after 24/03/2021
  4. Presidents report for 2019 AGM
  5. Agenda for club AGM.
  6. Ensure obligations are met with Centrelink and job provider re BNSW job.
  7. Complete intelligence model for bushwalking space (BA, State Feds and clubs)

Australia Post

Tried to no avail. Probably due to proximity to Easter. Will deal with after Easter when it is quieter.

Project business case

This business case is progressing well. Just identified a fe issues to iron out before I am happy with the result.

Ranger Application

Check made and no progress so far.

President’s Report

AGM deferred to later this month, so more time to locate it or go through my notes from the time to deliver it.

Agenda for club AGM

This is a standard template so easy to produce.

Bushwalking NSW Obligations

Checked with reporting and no problems.

Intelligence Model

This is a large body of work to be done and is identifying gaps in the communication between clubs, their State bodies and the National body.

Once the tasks were reviewed I then got onto the booking email to book another attendee to the weekend camp and transfer money. I then received an acknowledgement email so all OK.

I then finished more work on the trail project linking more national parks.

Wet weather coming

I received a post on Facebook about the wet weather due to strike over Easter. I reported the warning and hoped that my fellow campers were going to fare OK.

Then with a big yawn and stretch, it was time for bed.

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