Meeting preparation 31 March 2021

Woke with the start of a cold with a headache and sniffles. Have to soldier on.

Continued washing dishes and the laundry, and then some gardening. I also checked social media, making comments where needed. Some emails came in regarding the meeting later that night and I checked and up[dated the Agenda.

As the Agenda was on the blog site of the organisation, it was a simple matter of editing this and with the links emailed out, no need to keep printing.

At Midday, information came through from the owner of this house, that he was putting it on the market. As a result, a photographer would be around about the next day. So that started a scramble to get the house into tip-top shape for selling.

So spent the afternoon and evening going through the house with the mop and vacuum and broom, and sorted cupboards. Can’t believe how well it all stores and out of the way, when you put your mind to it.

Due to my illness I contacted the people going on the camp over Easter that I couldn’t attend and wished them a happy Easter.

I had the hour or so off from the cleaning to hold the meeting on Zoom. The meeting was a success showing support for things being done for clubs, and ironing out issues for clubs.

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