Lockdown 3.0 30 March 2021

So, woke in lockdown. What mischief can I get up to today?

I checked emails and social media, had breakfast and then planned my day. I did some gardening, and mowing, and spent more time on my project, as well as look at the Bushwalking Intelligence Model and governance in my club. I have to write the governance framework as per the Bushwalking Queensland Inc. but modify to reselect the club’s own context.

This will be a useful exercise, so the public can finally see what we are about, and the direction we are going. This will help in club recruitment.

I am impressed with the progressed with my trail project finding ways to join places of interest and when completed will get the necessary support to get out it off the ground. This will be the first project for Bushwalking Australia as it crosses between States so they need to be the sponsor.

Made a pasta bake for dinner for the family and then started to feel a little unwell. Maybe just run down, so went to bed.

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