Equinox day 20 Mar 2021

Woke after a fitful sleep and being Saturday, nothing pressing for today. Due to waking up later than normal, I knew the important thing to do was to go shopping. I looked to the window and there was a slight drizzle. I packed my backpack with the shopping bags and prepared for a wet walk. … Continue reading Equinox day 20 Mar 2021

Busy day 18 Mar 2021

After a short sleep, woke with indigestion. Went to the lounge room and watched some TV. After an hour or two, I started to feel sleepy and the indigestion had disappeared so I went back to bed. Woke at 9.00am, had breakfast, and upon getting my tea, discovered I hadn't drunk yesterday's, which also meant … Continue reading Busy day 18 Mar 2021

When the opportunity presents 17 Mar 2021

Happy St Patricks Day... to be sure, to be sure! Woke really early after a late night. Felt drained. Raining outside, another dreary day ahead. Had breakfast and then continued on social media and emails. Have the Outdoors Queensland AGM tonight, with Zoom link in the email. Agenda for today: Set up account with Australia … Continue reading When the opportunity presents 17 Mar 2021

Wet and miserable day 16 Mar 2021

Woke to a cloudy day. Had breakfast and continued on with checking emails and social media. As the day progressed, the rain started and kept on for the rest of the day. The wind was cool and so I moved my office into the lounge room. Task List Set up account with Australia Post for … Continue reading Wet and miserable day 16 Mar 2021

Bushwalk day 14 Mar 2021

Woke to my alarm, and then had breakfast, packed my gear and waited to be picked up. Today was going to be a walk at Ewen Maddock Dam. My lift arrived and we headed off to Mooloolah Connection Road. Arriving at the trailhead at 8.00am, welcomed the other people in the group, signed in the … Continue reading Bushwalk day 14 Mar 2021

Community Involvement Day 12 Mar 2021

Woke with a real spring in my step. Had breakfast and noticing that we were in short supply of some items, decided it was time to catch up on some walking. So I had a shower, got dressed, and put orthotics in my shoes, which I have been very lax about doing for the last … Continue reading Community Involvement Day 12 Mar 2021

Nothing Day 11 Mar 2021

Had a terrible nights sleep. Woke and felt ill, coughing and sneezing. A bit of a headache, and fatigued. I ploughed through the day though, distracting myself as much as possible, from my woes. Hope this clears up. By the afternoon, I started to feel better, and thought I had better put in the application … Continue reading Nothing Day 11 Mar 2021