What its the weekend? 27 March 2021

Being unemployed and every day feels the same. With the community work I do there is no such thing as a weekend.

Checked the emails, social media and did some work one a project.

As part of the project, I have identified the national parks and other protected areas in the area of the scope. I started to identify the infrastructure in place in one national park, and then identified which infrastructure will be in the scope, and those located close to be possibly in the scope.

The project is to identify a trail linking areas of environmental significance, and cultural significance maximising the visitor experience. The trail, due to the areas through which it passes will be very sensitive, will be only open for walkers.

While working on this project, I took breaks, doing dish washing, laundry, cleaning the kitchen, gardening, and washing the back patio. The weather was perfect for cleaning and hanging out clothes with bright sun, warm day and light breeze.

When I watching TV, one channel was really touchy. I went outside and noticed the aerial pointing 45 degrees out. Quick grab of a pole and straightened it and the tuning was great.

Having been given a cash injection, it was time to go shopping. Walked with backpack, shopping bags and folded trolley, with my eldest daughter walking with me. We were off to fill the cupboards.

After spending some time and money, we walked back lugging the trolley full, backpack full, and two shopping bags also full. A 60 later bin had also been bought and was also carried.

Getting home, unpacked the shopping and restacked the refrigerator and cupboards, and quite pleased with myself of the excursion. Then it wa time to rest and continue with the project and turn my mind to the upcoming meeting.

How will I get all the documents and agenda in one seamless email. That question stuck with me for the night, as I went to bed early in preparation for the walk the next day.

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