Walk day 28 March 2021

Woke and readied myself for the walk this morning at Sheepstation Creek Conservation Park. This is the first real walk since last weeks deluge so it is unknown of how wet the park will be, especially the creek crossings and water lying around.

Picked up at 8.20am and drove to Phelps Road, Upper Caboolture. Met everyone there and then set off. The park was unusually dry with the creek showing signs of just breaking its banks but no signs of actual flooding. So walked a variety of tracks in the park to do a figure of 8. The walk finished with a break on the bridge just before the cars.

The walk description is found on the Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club Blog site at http://glasshousebw.wordpress.com with the page at https://glasshousebw.wordpress.com/newsletters/walks-2021/sheep-station-creek-conservation-park/

I then got back in the car and due to expected mail in the Bushwalking Queensland Inc post office box, set off for Brisbane CBD. It was a good drive with traffic every way as would be expected for a Sunday. Things are returning to normal. Hope it stays that way. The trip in was full of banter and discussion and we arrived at the loading zone on Ann Street. I stepped out of the car and went around to the door, unlocked it, and entered and went to the post office box. I opened the box and there were two letters in there, the bill for the post office box and the bank balance.

Once I removed the mail, I went back to the car and made tracks for home. Arriving home, I had a rest, lunch and then did some gardening, mowing and other chores.

Then it was time for dinner so made a tuna bake, which was a welcome difference.

After dinner, just continued on with my work on the project. It is coming along nicely.

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