New week 29 March 2021

Woke after a good night’s sleep. Weighed myself and found I had lost 5 kg in 8 weeks. Now to speed up that weight loss, with the goal being another 15kg.

My right foot was sore with the plantar fasciitis in that foot and a touch of sciatica in that leg, probably due to the planter fasciitis making me walk with a different gait. Anyway, what I know is the more I walk the better I get.

Went to get my youngest daughter out of bed and she refused to go to school.

Then there was breaking news – lockdown from 5.00pm for three days, with possible extension. More COVID cases in the area.

Spent the day gardening, washing the concrete with the genre, washing laundry, and enjoying the fine day, with a light cover of cloud.

At 4.00pm the cry went out of lack of bread, so off I walked to the shop, hoping that I will be back before the lockdown started. I walked from home, around the streets then through a park and into other streets before getting to the IGA. I arrived there at 4.55pm, grabbed the groceries and left in time. There was no-one else around so I decided to take the bike track along the creek to home. On the way, at a large puddle a young woman jogging came along. I made room for her to cross the puddle, but she just said that will do her and she turned around and ran off in the direction I was walking.

Once I arrived home, it was time to make dinner, this time beef stroganoff with sausages and rice.

After dinner, I sat down and compiled the agenda for the meeting on Wednesday night. I put the email together on Mailchimp for the attendees with the links across to WordPress which contained the actual agenda, which had been compiled since the previous meeting, plus other documents, relating to the items of the agenda.

Pleased with the work, I then sent the email and waited for the emails to me to confirm that there was no issues in sending the email.

Once that was done, I watched a bit of TV then went to bed, playing games on my phone before it hit the floor.

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