Poor day 25 March 2021

Well, here it is 9 months to Christmas… He he!!

Woke and proud that my job application had been submitted a couple of days early.

The rain had definitely stopped and the place was drying out. Now to get in and clean the concrete. Retrieved the Gerni and started in the garage. The oil and paint came off fairly well and so I continued. I then started down the driveway and all the blue-green algae was removed leaving white concrete.

This means I will have to clean all the concrete now. It is such a stark difference.

While on a break, went off to do some shopping. I collected all my goods and got to the checkout and upon paying for the goods, there was no money in the account. I had let my phone at home so couldn’t ring up and see what our finances were at. So I reloaded the trolley and went back home. I hope we have enough to get us through to Saturday, our next pay day.

Back home and more cleaning, emails and social media.

Had an early night as there was a bit on my plate tomorrow.

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