Busy day 26 Mar 2021

Woke to a busy day.

My second daughter’s 19th birthday…

COVID-19 lockdown on the cards due to a recent cluster in the area. Hope it doesn’t eventuate.

Git stuck into more Gerni-ing the concrete this time in the back patio. The paint, oil, hair dye, and chewing gum all came off. This is turning out to be a great exercise.

At 10.30 while having a break, I noticed it was time to get onto Zoom for the Coffee and Conversation with Outdoors Qld.

The topics of the ActiveKIT Grant with Dept of Sport and Recreation, the Outdoors Council of Australia National Summit, Nature Freedom, and issues with relation of COVID restrictions.

After the meeting it was time for lunch and then I did some more work cleaning the concrete. Once my back was sore, I went inside and reviewed the meeting notes and then registered BWQ for the Dept of Sport and Recreation. The current grant is too soon to get together a project for the grant, but I will be notified of any grant updates or new grants.

I went back to cleaning and noticed the backyard was really drying out. The grass was long, so I decided to get the mower out and cut the grass lower. The mower deck needed to be raised and it was stuck. I had to push down on it to raise it. I put the mower on its side and operated the handle. With a lot of grunting and groaning, the spring released, and it became easy to operate. Not having had to adjust the mower since I bought it, the grass had made its way into the lifting mechanism.

I remembered I had to repot for Centrelink, so went and did that and then back to the lawn mower.

Once fixed I mowed a section of yard, pleased I had raised the deck as the mower still struggled. The end result was good. Now to do the rest of the back yard.

Or so I thought. I was interrupted by my second daughter needing things for her birthday.

By the time that was sorted it was dark, so the rest of the mowing was left to later.

Then it was dinner time and rest before bed.

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