Busy day 26 Mar 2021

Woke to a busy day. My second daughter's 19th birthday... COVID-19 lockdown on the cards due to a recent cluster in the area. Hope it doesn't eventuate. Git stuck into more Gerni-ing the concrete this time in the back patio. The paint, oil, hair dye, and chewing gum all came off. This is turning out … Continue reading Busy day 26 Mar 2021

Poor day 25 March 2021

Well, here it is 9 months to Christmas... He he!! Woke and proud that my job application had been submitted a couple of days early. The rain had definitely stopped and the place was drying out. Now to get in and clean the concrete. Retrieved the Gerni and started in the garage. The oil and … Continue reading Poor day 25 March 2021