Clean Up 24 Mar 2021

So the day started with not a cloud in the sky. Time to go around and check what needed to be cleaned from rain getting in with the wind, and from run-off.

Moved everything on my back patio to make room for me to use the hose to wash the concrete. The dirt from the backyard had encroached onto the concrete. Once the first area was cleaned, then the area was left to dry. I went to my computer checked emails and social media, personal and for the organisation I am associated with:

  • Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club Inc.
  • Bushwalking Queensland Inc
  • Bushwalking Australia Inc.

I then received a phone call and was asked if I was still interested in the Administration Officer with Bushwalking NSW. I said yes and then the call went into the sort of work I will be doing in that role. It is 15 hours a week which means that I can get JobSeeker and just report the work every fortnight, and thats it. I can still do job hunting but the pressure is off. I also have a lot to contribute to Bushwalking NSW, as I am trying to introduce similar ideas into Bushwalking Queensland Inc.

After the phone call, I continued on in the back patio, moving stuff onto the now clean area so I could attack another area.

Once that was washed, I went on and continued on my work on various projects including an option paper as to affiliation fees for Bushwalking Queensland Inc. and if the system we use is the best. This was brought about by a couple of organisations that Bushwalking Queensland Inc. is a member have increased their membership fees. Also there is a need to get an auditor, so the extra funds needed require an increase in fees.

Currently the affiliation fees are a capitation fee which is multiplied by the number of members in that club. While this is fair and equitable as each club member is seen to contribute to the operational costs of Bushwalking Queensland Inc., and the representation of 2 delegates for each clubs is equitable. However, clubs are making mistakes calculating their fees.

Some ideas I have come up with as other options are just having a fixed fee for clubs, regardless of size of the club. This method is seen to be inequitable as the larger clubs carry more weight with the numbers. Another idea is to set brackets of club size with clubs paying a fee depending on the club size bracket in which they fit. There will be an upper limit to club fees to cater for the couple of larger clubs. This seems the best option and analysis shows the bracket system has the effective fee for each club to be about the set fee as current. Now to convince the clubs.

The rest of the day was a repeat of the concrete washing, moving furniture to expose other areas of concrete.

I also went shopping and after getting my selection, found out at the checkout that I had forgotten the card to pay for it. So I went home empty…

That night I continued with the membership project plus another project.

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