Clearing rains 23 Mar 2021

Wish this weather would stop... I have had enough already!! Started off the day as usual with my youngest daughter again refusing to go to school. Looked at my tasks for the day Set up account with Australia Post for Bushwalking Queensland to get emails when mail arrived at the PO Box.Update my blogContinue writing … Continue reading Clearing rains 23 Mar 2021

Flooding rains 21 Mar 2021

Woke mid-morning after a great sleep. Had breakfast of muesli and fruit with almond milk and green tea. The day was cloudy and muggy. The forecast was for heavy rain later in the day, so I went around and checked and prepared for the drenching. I took the awning off the caravan and scrubbed it … Continue reading Flooding rains 21 Mar 2021

Send it down Hughie 22 Mar 2021

Well, what a wet day. Rained so much that it was definitely not a day to venture out. All that could be done was go out every now and then and check the drainage. My back yard is sodden and with ankle deep water in patches and mud oozing between the toes. So I sent … Continue reading Send it down Hughie 22 Mar 2021