Flooding rains 21 Mar 2021

Woke mid-morning after a great sleep. Had breakfast of muesli and fruit with almond milk and green tea.

The day was cloudy and muggy. The forecast was for heavy rain later in the day, so I went around and checked and prepared for the drenching.

I took the awning off the caravan and scrubbed it clean, and hung it on the clothes line to dry. An area of lawn that I had sprayed with Weed”N”Feed was mowed as the weeds were getting too thick and if we have the predicted rain, will slow down the drainage. This property has a history of the back patio flooding so I need to ensure a good flow of water is allowed to pass quickly.

I then checked social media and emails, like I do, and soon it was lunch.

I checked the weather. There was some rain building. All looks good for the rain.

How is my task list looking?

  1. Set up account with Australia Post for Bushwalking Queensland to get emails when mail arrived at the PO Box.
  2. Update my blog
  3. Continue writing project business case
  4. Book Easter
  5. Apply for Ranger MBRC – update CV to submit
  6. Presidents report for 2019 AGM
  7. Agenda for BWQ meeting
  8. Agenda for club AGM.
  9. Provide submission to Ipswich City Council with regard to their Draft Natural Environment Policy https://shapeyouripswich.com.au/draft-natural-environment-policy
  10. Provide a submission to Noosa Shire Council with regard to their Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plans draft-bushland-reserve-strategic-management-plan-2021-2026

As yesterday 1 could not be done due to being a weekend.

I am updating my blog now.

I reviewed the business case I was writing and a lot of sections were irrelevant and the final document did not reflect the purpose of the document for the context I was looking for. I found another template and this one fit perfectly. So to write in the new format.

Easter booking on hold pending finding the money.

The application for Ranger has been submitted.

The Presidents report, and agendas, points 6,7, and 8 are still being progressed.

I am still reviewing the Ipswich City Council Draft Natural Environment Policy.

I am nearly finished with the submission for the Noosa Shire Council with regard to their Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plans. While on their website I notice they now have a Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy for feedback. Another document to read. I also advised Outdoors Queensland and Queensland Walks of this draft strategy.

The rain started mid-afternoon and it was torrential. I hadn’t seen it this heavy for quite some time. The back patio certainly did flood and some more gear needed to be moved to keep dry.

So the rest of the night was in front of the TV and catching up on my tasks.

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