Equinox day 20 Mar 2021

Woke after a fitful sleep and being Saturday, nothing pressing for today. Due to waking up later than normal, I knew the important thing to do was to go shopping.

I looked to the window and there was a slight drizzle. I packed my backpack with the shopping bags and prepared for a wet walk. I looked out the window and it had cleared up with the road half dry.

So I thought I cant let this opportunity go, so off I went shopping.

My route this morning was a standard shopping route as I did not need to track any more as I had achieved my virtual challenge of 100 km for the month of March. As I was walking I noticed that the day was getting humid. Full high cloud cover meant hat the moisture was being kept in like a sauna.

My local shopping centre

Once I arrived at the shops, I realised I had left my phone at home. “Good,” I thought to myself, “I wont have last minute shopping requests. I can get and do the shopping for items discussed before leaving.”

I wandered in the supermarket in circles as my shopping list was in my mind and grouped by need, so each group of items was collected going all over the shop, then going again for the next group of items. Bit haphazard I know but it achieved what I needed and I went through the self-serve checkout content that I had everything.

I then paid for the groceries, placed them back in the trolley and then made my way out of the shop. I found a seat and then filled my backpack with the heavy items and the light and more delicate items I placed in the hessian shopping bags. Funny they were IGA bags and I was in Woolworths.

Now loaded up, it was time to set off home. I noticed the weight to be a combined 20 kg, which is the heaviest I have carried for quite a while. On the way home, I stopped a number of times to take a drink, swap the bags in my hands as one ws heavier than the other and adjust the backpack.

I finally made it home and unpacked all the shopping much to the relief of all.

I then sat down for a rest and checked emails and social media, and then re-edited my resume for the job I am applying for. Going through the resume I was satisfied it reflected the criteria and addressed the role description. I stumbled at the point of referees. It needed two managers, one current and one recent. I have been out of work for eighteen months so no current manager, and my previous manager I had for 10 years. This will be the difficult bit. However, I may be able to add another referee from other voluntary work I do. I just need to look into this further.

My thoughts about the job were wavering, so I picked up the tree loppers and went to a tree that needed trimming and proceeded to remove branches. This tree had sprouted five shoots from its stump after being cut down by the landlord prior to my moving in and I had just let it grow. Now it was 3 metres tall and I could now see which part to keep and which sprout needed to be removed. So off they came. The extra light created was just what was needed for a struggling plant as well. Good job.

I then went and cooked a beef stroganoff using sausages and rice, and after the hearty meal continued on my work with the emails and social media.

I then decided it was high time to get back into my spiritual life, which had been neglected for eighteen months and work on repairing the damage around me, with family, work and health.

I looked into the Bible Study I had done previously, and decided I need a new approach. God is talking to me again, I can feel it. So, instead of looking for a passage to study, I decided to let my thoughts wander and see if a passage reaches out and speaks to me.

So out of my tasks for today:

  1. Set up account with Australia Post for Bushwalking Queensland to get emails when mail arrived at the PO Box.
  2. Update my blog
  3. Continue writing project business case
  4. Book Easter
  5. Apply for Ranger MBRC – update CV to submit
  6. Presidents report for 2019 AGM
  7. Agenda for BWQ meeting
  8. Agenda for club AGM.
  9. Provide submission to Ipswich City Council with regard to their Draft Natural Environment Policy https://shapeyouripswich.com.au/draft-natural-environment-policy
  10. Provide a submission to Noosa Shire Council with regard to their Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plans draft-bushland-reserve-strategic-management-plan-2021-2026

So I only tackled numbers 3 and 5, and the rest are ongoing. Number 10 needs to be completed by 22/03/2021 as well, so that will be the priority tomorrow.

That’s it I am tired. Time for bed.

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