Gardening Day 19 Mar 2021

Well here I am day 67 of my licence suspension and only 23 days to go.

I had a poor nights sleep, with about an hour each bout. I got out at 5.00am with a sniffly nose and bit of a cough. I had breakfast and my green tea, watched some news and played the games on my phone. Soon I was feeling quite drowsy so back to bed I went. I had another two hours sleep and felt fine.

The sky was cloudy, but more blue than grey. The sun was quite hot. After the couple of days of rain, it was now high time to put weedkiller down on some areas, and finish the mowing of the front yard. As it was humid, I had to work in short spurts as sweat was getting in my eyes and making them hurt.

In the breaks between working, I attended to social media, emails and project documents.

One email I received was about documents held by an organisation I am part of, where are the organisations documents? I replied that each council member had access through their Google account, so that is all the access required. No-one seems to be able to remember the access.

So while on my breaks I looked at my task list:

  1. Set up account with Australia Post for Bushwalking Queensland to get emails when mail arrived at the PO Box.
  2. Update my blog
  3. Continue writing project business case
  4. Book Easter
  5. Apply for Ranger MBRC – update CV to submit
  6. Presidents report for 2019 AGM
  7. Agenda for BWQ meeting
  8. Agenda for club AGM.
  9. Report into membership fee increase.

Set up Australia Post Account

Found the phone number, but sat on the phone in the queue for too long. Will try again later

Update my blog

What am I doing now?

Project business case

This is going along swimmingly. This is the first business case for the organisation so I am also developing the project management framework to go with it. I have come to a point in the project that I need to start documenting progress and issues so the basic start needs to be done to formalise it.

Book Easter

Need to ensure I have enough money to make the booking.

Apply for Ranger MBRC

This application is going well. Just reading through my resume (CV) to find edits needed to reflect the skills I have to transfer to that role.

President’s Report for 2019 AGM

This report was presented verbally, so I have to research the previous year then compile the report.

Agenda for BWQ Meeting

Compile points for discussion for the yet to be determined next meeting of BWQ. Also need to establish the form of the meeting – whether committee of general.

Agenda for club AGM

As well as the Presidents Report need to get the agenda template and update for the next AGM.

Membership fee increase

One of the organisations that an organisation I am Secretary is faced with increased membership fees. We need to therefore increase our membership fees. The organisation is operating as a class 3 organisation, requiring no auditor, just the members agreeing to the Treasurers Report. However this increase will move the organisation into class 2, requiring an auditor. In 2019, the organisation actually crossed the threshold so its worth considering anyway.

Might be worth as part of the exercise to write a policy for the memberships fees as well so it can be produced in one package.

That was my day… How was yours?

Gheerulla Falls near Mapleton
Gheerulla Falls – 24/03/2018

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