When the opportunity presents 17 Mar 2021

Happy St Patricks Day… to be sure, to be sure!

Woke really early after a late night. Felt drained. Raining outside, another dreary day ahead.

Had breakfast and then continued on social media and emails.

Have the Outdoors Queensland AGM tonight, with Zoom link in the email.

Agenda for today:

  • Set up account with Australia Post for Bushwalking Queensland to get emails when mail arrived at the PO Box.
  • Walk description to be added to the Glasshouse Bushwalkers Site
  • My Virtual Mission check my progress
  • Update my blog
  • Open the attendance form and email the spreadsheet to the Treasurer
  • Write up project business case
  • Get the current areas of the protected areas in the Gondwana Rainforests
  • Book camp site for Easter

I had contact with my bankruptcy agency to sort out my payments to clear. That is sorted for the time being.

Some items were needed shopping so I consulted the Bureau of Meteorology web-site and radar. There is a break coming. So a quick shower and change, collect the shopping bags and back pack and head off.

I walked a similar route to normal, and walked into the shopping centre with no rain. Step 1 done. I wandered through the shops and made my purchases. When it was time to leave, I looked out the door and it was raining again. So loaded up with the shopping, headed home. Once in the rain it was lighter than it seemed. I might get home damp.

I walked, and the rain and sweat intermingled in my shirt, so I couldn’t tell if it was just me normally sweating or the rain wetting me. When I arrived home, my shirt was splotched with dry areas as well as wet areas. I am going to dry off well.

Time to address my task list.

The phone number for Australia Post area that looks after the log-in accounts was not found, will have to dig deeper.

All the information has now been gathered so will attend to the walk description presently.

The Strava has been updated so my progress on My Virtual Mission has been added, see below.

I updated two days worth of blogs.

The spreadsheet is to be emailed to the treasurer of the club.

The project business case has been started.

All the areas have now been obtained. Task complete.

The site for Easter is yet to be booked as I need to check my finances.

I was also advised that a job has come up I might be interested in. So I started the application. Added to task list.

At the time of the meeting I opened the link and logged in and attended the AGM of Outdoors Queensland. There has been an increase in membership fees. Need to write a recommendation to continue membership. Perhaps increase the membership to Bushwalking Queensland Inc.

Also new programs are coming into fruition which will impact bushwalking in Queensland. Good times ahead.

After the meeting I was too tired to do much else apart from email and message appropriate persons about the outcomes of the AGM.

Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes

Team fundraising page

My fundraising page

My progress

Distance for challenge: 6.34 km. Total distance covered: 93.4 km Remaining distance: 6.6 km. Money raised: $10

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