Busy day 18 Mar 2021

After a short sleep, woke with indigestion. Went to the lounge room and watched some TV. After an hour or two, I started to feel sleepy and the indigestion had disappeared so I went back to bed.

Woke at 9.00am, had breakfast, and upon getting my tea, discovered I hadn’t drunk yesterday’s, which also meant I didn’t take my medication. Oh well, too late. So made a new cup of tea and this time took my medication.

Then I checked my emails and social media and reviewed my task list:

  1. Set up account with Australia Post for Bushwalking Queensland to get emails when mail arrived at the PO Box.
  2. Walk description to be added to the Glasshouse Bushwalkers Site – done
  3. My Virtual Mission check my progress
  4. Update my blog
  5. Open the attendance form and email the spreadsheet to the Treasurer – done
  6. Continue writing project business case
  7. Book Easter
  8. Apply for Ranger MBRC – update CV to submit
  9. Presidents report for 2019 AGM
  10. Agenda for BWQ meeting
  11. Agenda for club AGM.

I keep forgetting to locate the phone number for Australia Post. Must deal with it.

I completed the walk description and added it to the walk page.

My Virtual Mission was completed. Not bad 18 days to complete 100km, although I usually do it in five days.

I went into JotForms to download the spreadsheet of walk attendance and emailed to the treasurer of the club.

Added more detail to the business case. Not far off making announcement of the project.

Need to check my bank balance before booking Easter.

Some editing of my CV was done, just need to review after a day or so to see if written right.

The President’s report will be done in due course.

The agenda is being worked on as new information has come to light to add to the agenda.

The Club AGM agenda is a standing agenda, so needs only minor alterations.

Once I looked over the tasks, the weather looked good for a walk. I had a shower, and then packed my backpack and headed off to the shops. I walked 7.49 km and came back with some shopping.

I then received notification that I had completed the mission walking 100km. I am disappointed that no-one has donated to me on behalf of Diabetes Queensland. I have done everything possible to get the word out, but seems people are a bit tight with donations.

As the weather had cleared up, I decided to go out to the front lawn and cut the edges and then mow the footpath. I will attack the rest of the edges tomorrow and work the edges and mowing in tandem on each section of the lawn. If the weather is fine I will put Weed”n”Feed down as well as there are a lot of weeds coming up due to the recent rain. Also spoke to my daughter, and as the garden at her window and along the rear of the house is white gravel, and really difficult to control the weeds, we will remove the gravel and put it down the side of the house on the path. Then we will plant lavender and other flowers.

Then it was time to make dinner.

After dinner I received an email about a bushwalking issue and subsequently created a survey form to see if I can understand the cause of the issue. The form was created on JotForm a very intuitive form creator that emails the submissions and also generates a spreadsheet with the responses.

Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes

Team fundraising page

My fundraising page

My progress

Distance for challenge: 7.49 km. Total distance covered:99.7 km Remaining distance: 0 km. Money raised: $10

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