Busy day 18 Mar 2021

After a short sleep, woke with indigestion. Went to the lounge room and watched some TV. After an hour or two, I started to feel sleepy and the indigestion had disappeared so I went back to bed. Woke at 9.00am, had breakfast, and upon getting my tea, discovered I hadn't drunk yesterday's, which also meant … Continue reading Busy day 18 Mar 2021

When the opportunity presents 17 Mar 2021

Happy St Patricks Day... to be sure, to be sure! Woke really early after a late night. Felt drained. Raining outside, another dreary day ahead. Had breakfast and then continued on social media and emails. Have the Outdoors Queensland AGM tonight, with Zoom link in the email. Agenda for today: Set up account with Australia … Continue reading When the opportunity presents 17 Mar 2021