Bushwalk day 14 Mar 2021

Woke to my alarm, and then had breakfast, packed my gear and waited to be picked up. Today was going to be a walk at Ewen Maddock Dam.

My lift arrived and we headed off to Mooloolah Connection Road.

Arriving at the trailhead at 8.00am, welcomed the other people in the group, signed in the the club QR code then set Strava to record and off we went. Due to the dam upgrade the walk started on the footpath along Connection Road before heading into the reserve land around the lake.

After about 7 km, a loop was done on the black route and then we returned to the start. Some of the group headed off while others found a nice shady tree under which we had lunch. The walk was just over 12km, and I had put orthotics in my boots as my right heel was tender. The boots felt a little too tight, so my feet were sore at the end.

On the way back home I took my boots off and felt instant relief. I left my socks on till I arrived home and once unpacked removed my socks and noticed a blister on my right heel. Will have to do a full loosening of the boot laces and then tighten around the foot to accommodate the orthotics properly.

I had a rest at home then looking at the weather forecast, decided to get the shopping out of the way. I grabbed two of my daughters and walked to the shops while they searched for Pokemon. Grabbed a fair bit of shopping and filled my backpack plus two there hessian bags and lugged them home. All the time I felt no discomfort with my feet as I was wearing sandals for this escapade. So after another 5 km arrived with good feet, but sore arms and hands from carrying the shopping.

Once the groceries were unpacked, tended to social media and emails and as it was getting to news time, decided to pack up. As I was packing up I remembered about the TV reception and looked at the antenna and the neighbours tree had grown up through the elements. There’s the problem. Long handled secateurs and solved.

Went inside and and watched the news and settled in for the night.

The night was getting humid so I decided to migrate to the back patio and sit in the cool breeze and do some more office work.

Then it was time for bed.

Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes

Team fundraising page

My fundraising page

My progress

Distance for challenge: 17.24 km. Total distance covered: 78.31 km Remaining distance: 21.69 km. Money raised: $10

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