Community Involvement Day 12 Mar 2021

Woke with a real spring in my step.

Had breakfast and noticing that we were in short supply of some items, decided it was time to catch up on some walking. So I had a shower, got dressed, and put orthotics in my shoes, which I have been very lax about doing for the last year, but might right heel is letting me know continually now.

Then once ready put the two shopping bags in my backpack and set off. I walked 3 km to the shopping centre, as I walked in the door. I did the shopping, and upon coming out the same door looked at Strava and noticed it was 3.93 km, so I did 0.93 km in the shop, getting the groceries. I then walked home doing a total of 5.49 km.

I arrived home in time for my Zoom meeting and Coffee and Conversation with Outdoors Queensland and a few people from the outdoors sector. A few issues were plied with and the passing of information was valuable.

One item mentioned the UPLOADS Project which is finding ways to mitigate accidents in the outdoor sector. I decided it was in my best interest to attend this workshop, which goes over three days at the local university campus. How convenient!

After the meeting, I went over the notes and reported the issues impacting bushwalking to the President of Bushwalking Queensland, then continued working on a project.

That took me till mid-afternoon, when it was noticed that I had missed some items shopping in the morning, so off I went again for another walk. This time the walk was 6.64 km. The total for the day was 12.13 km, with a total elevation gain of 100 metres. Who said the area was flat?

I was chuffed with the daily total and was good for the progress on my fundraising walk for Diabetes Queensland (see below).

Arrived home, and prepared the dinner and then sat down for a quiet night, with more work on my project.

Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes

Team fundraising page

My fundraising page

My progress

Distance for challenge: 12.13 km. Total distance covered: 61.07 km Remaining distance: 38.93 km. Money raised: $10

Also I have lost 5 kg since January 12th, I am getting into smaller clothes again and I am noticing my muscle tone is increasing – all from walking.

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