Technology playing up 08 Mar 2021

Got up early and had breakfast. Fed the guinea pigs, washed dishes and clothes. At the time to take my daughter to school, she decided to go on her own. So I stayed home and took care of reports etc. from the previous day.

The next thing I knew it was lunch time and having lunch, noticed items that needed buying. So off I went shopping.

The trip to the shops and back was 4.6km, including a new route to keep my interest.

The trip was broken up however as I opened Strava to track my walk, my Joltfit watch started to continually buzz. After 700 metres, I stopped Strava and the watch stopped buzzing. I then turned Strava on the and continued on my merry way. I recorded 3.9 km for the trip and was glad to get home and turn off the Strava. Next time I will have to find a strategy to stop that happening. My watch was nearly flat, so I put it back on charge.

The rest of the day was taken up doing office administration, dealing with emails and social media inquiries.

Great Ocean Virtual Challenge for Diabetes

View progress

Team Fundraising Page

My fundraising page

Distance for challenge: 4.6 km. Total distance covered: 39.7 km Remaining distance: 60.3 km. Money raised: $10

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