Languishing Day 10 Mar 2021

Day started well. I got up, had breakfast, played some games on my phone, watched the news and tended to emails and social media. I then started to feel really fatigued, with a strong headache, sniffles and sneezing. So I went back to bed. I slept for another two hours and felt OK.

I checked the weather forecast as it was muggy, hot and clouds were building. Forecast was for afternoon and evening storms. My weather sense was telling me that the front lawn needed mowing, especially now the weed ‘n’ feed was doing its job. So out I went and mowed the lawn. I had the plover family follow me, two adult birds with their cute little brood of three going through the grass just after I had mowed it. Such a lovely sight.

After mowing, I returned to my computer and got stuck into project I am undertaking in developing new trails for walking in Queensland. I am using AllTrails to plan the maps so I can get distances and elevations to check for viability and also the maps are great for access being based on the Open Street Map.

Soon it was 3.00 pm and my stomach was feeling empty. I dont get hungry. Time for lunch. Had two cheese sandwiches and a cup of Pepsi Max and continued on my merry way with the project.

Then an email arrived reckoning on the name for the trail. The suggestion was to call it a way. I am against that proposal as “way” has the connotation that any method of conveyance can be used on that route, not just for walkers, bike riders and horses. I am more for the term “trail”. So will have to wait and see what outcome occurs.

After this I started getting a headache and sleepy so went and laid down. I slept until being waken by my wife with McDonalds for dinner. I was waking to prepare a pasta bake for tonight. Oh well, that’s for another night.

So back to the project and more arguing and “trail” and “way”.

And thats the way the day finished.

I was also disappointed I didn’t get out and walk today to add kilometres to my fundraising, but will strive for more tomorrow.

See my previous post for fund-raising details and progress.

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