Clean Up Australia 07 Mar 2021

Woke early and collected the items needed for today as it was Clean Up Australia Day at the Deception Bay Conservation Park. The were showers around, so I expected no one else would turn up. Anyway I was ready to go and remove rubbish that I had collected at the Bushcare to remove. So had breakfast, a shower and waited to be picked up.

Arrived at the site, and there were no industrial bins. They must be down the other end. Will check later.

Put up the gazebo just in time for a heavy shower. Unfolded the table and the seats and then went through the gear in preparation for others to arrive. So there we were at 7.00am ready to roll. If only the showers would stop.

All of a sudden it stopped raining so I went out with a rubbish bag and walked 3.0 km in so doing as per this map…

One of the residents had built a new fence and left the 6 foot gate lying on the ground. I tried to pick it up but was too heavy to deal with. I found a pool ladder and a length of poly pipe in among the rubbish.

At 10.00 am, with the place fully scoured, packed up and went home. The clouds had burnt off with the sun, and so was getting humid anyway.

Arrived home and unpacked the gear, and then went through the paperwork to report on the findings of the day, for the Clean Up’s records.

Once that was done, I was in the mood for a walk. So I went to the shops, walking 4.4km, with the return a bit of extra weight. Once home unpacked the groceries, and then realised that I had forgotten a couple of items. That will ne tomorrow’s shopping trip.

Then settled down checking emails, social media and news. Then put the gazebo up in the backyard and then put the guinea pigs under it for some fresh grass to chew on.

Soon it was time to take the guinea pigs back inside and then time to make dinner. Started making dinner, then was informed that pizzas had been ordered. So stopped making dinner and put the stuff in the fridge and waited for the pizza to arrive.

Having arrived, I hoed into the pizza, and then went back to the laptop to do further investigation of a trail. I found remnant trails that linked to achieve the planned trail. Emailed my findings to see if there is back up to the proposal.

Then off to bed.

Great Ocean Virtual Challenge For Diabetes Progress

Distance for challenge: 7.4 km. Total distance covered: 35.1 km Remaining distance: 64.9 km. Money raised: $10

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