Preparation Day 06 Mar 2021

Woke early this morning, had breakfast, and being Saturday, went back to bed.

Woke late morning and continued on writing policies and frameworks for these policies to develop a policy register for one of the organisations I am involved with.

Spent the time between showers working in my garden, plus went around the front lawn and sprayed Weed ‘N’ Feed to get rid of some pesky weeds.

I also went into my shed and collected the gear and bags for Clean Up Australia tomorrow. More details can be found on this site.

I will accept donations on behalf of Clean Up Australia just go to

Hoping for a good day tomorrow.

While getting all the gear ready it was time for dinner and then showers of rain came through. No chance for a walk now, but will probably do a fair bit tomorrow.

So that’s the day done and dusted.

Distance for challenge: 0 km. Total distance covered: 27.7 km Remaining distance: 71.3 km. Money raised: $10

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