Bring Back Memories 04 Mar 2021

Woke and had breakfast. I decided to take a shower before taking my daughter to school and then continue on to go shopping. Well that was the plan. Seems I took longer than expected and my daughter left on her own.

But it was showery again, so a trip to the shops was needed as as soon as possible. I grabbed my backpack for the heavier items and set off. As I stepped out of the front door there was a slight drizzle. I get wetter from sweat. So off I went. After 15 minutes and close to the shops the heavens opened and I just missed the cycle of the traffic lights, so I had to stand in the rain waiting for the walk signal.

When the lights changed I crossed the road and made a bee-line for cover. Once under cover, I shook myself off and continued on to do shopping. Once shopping was complete, I had dried off. I put the jars and bottles in the backpack, and bread and veggies in the hessian bags to carry home.

I set off and there was a slight drizzle. Good, I might get home dry. I was just 300 metres from home and the heavens opened again. I arrived home a tad wet, but happy that was done for the day. Luckily I had quick drying clothes. I unpacked the groceries and then logged the walk on my fundraising sites with the help from Strava which recorded the walk. The walking in the rain, reminded of the times I walked on the Great Ocean Walk and this weather was typical for that walk.

The rest of the day was searching for jobs, social media, emails, and gardening. The gardening part, of course was between showers, which abated by mid-afternoon giving me a great chance to get the work done.

I then attacked the club newsletter. Sections of the newsletter were added as pages to the club WordPress site. The newsletter template is on MailChimp, so a brief description of each item with links to the articles on the WordPress pages. Very efficient as I only have to type the information once instead of previously repeating myself on various platforms. Once the mail was sent it was also posted to FaceBook and Twitter.

So the end of a very productive day and time for bed.

Distance for challenge: 3.8 km. Total distance covered: 19.2 km Remaining distance: 80.8 km. Money raised: $10

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